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Adoptable Dogs

6 Beagle/Chihuahua puppies born 7/21/17
Male & Female 3 months old


Momma and 6 pups came into our rescue when pups were only 3 weeks old from high kill shelter. They are now ready to go. There adoption fee covers them being spayed/neutered, microchipped, 3 rounds of vaccinations and dewormed.

"Douglas" Maltese-Poodle-Terrier mix
2 yrs old - 22 lbs

Douglas Poodle-Maltese mix White Fluffy and Adorable!, Male- 2 yrs old-22 lbs .
Douglas has overcome many obstacles in his young life but has always remained sweet and loving. He came from a hoarding situation with 2 broken legs that have been repaired. He still limps a little, and is receiving physical therapy but can use all 4 legs without pain. Now he's ready for his forever home! He is house-trained, doesn't bark, gets along with all other dogs, loves swimming and playing, and loves everyone. Malti-poodle mix who is 22 pounds. Are you ready to meet him today?

"Milly Chihuahua - Female
2 yrs old - 6 lbs

Meet Milly an adorable little rescue from TJ. She is friendly, great w/kids and other dogs. LOVES to play w/other dogs too! She is mellow and is a great little lap dog. We are looking for her furever home so if you would like to meet her please fill out the online applicationour home page

"Greta" Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua- female
6 yrs old - 8 lbs

Greta is such a wonderful little dog. She is great w/other dogs, likes to cuddle has plenty of energy. She has this cute little underbite. She is good on a leash and likes walks, she is friendly and not shy. She would do good being an indoor dog, doesn't bark very much at all. She is good w/kids (but no kids under 10 yrs old) she has long lanky little legs (the Italian Greyhound in her) and we wouldn't want a kid to accidentally injure her. She is housebroke.

"Finn" aka Muffin Terrier Mix - male
3 yrs old - 10 lbs

Muffin came to Open Arms Rescue after he was attacked by a group of male dogs in Ensenada, Mexico. As you can see from his photos and videos, all of his injuries were to his head. He was incredibly lucky to be found by a rescuer in Ensenada 3 days after he was attacked, and was taken to a local vet.

Muffin had major damage to his head and face, and came into the vet suffering from Sepsis. He received months of surgeries and medical care at the vet and was finally able to come to the USA.

Muffin is a loving, playful little boy who prefers a female owner. He also prefers the company of female dogs, so he is looking for a home where he will be the only boy. This is probably the result of his vicious attack. Please come and meet Muffin. He has been waiting a long time in his foster home to meet his family. Lets not make him wait much longer.

Video of Muffin NOW:

Video of Muffin at the vet in Ensenada

Want a running partner? Muffin would be perfect...He is an active 2 year old 10 pound boy who wants to play and enjoy life. Who wants to be the lucky one to show Muffin what kind of wonderful life awaits him here in San Diego

If you can help either foster of give him a forever home please call (760)470-7643 or email

If you would like to find out more please contact us orfill out the online application on the home pageor call 7604707643

"Cookie" Toy Poodle-female
9 yrs - 7 lbs

Cookie is a special needs doggy. Sheis quiet, loving and very well behaved. She is about 7 lbs. We dont know how she was injured to cause her rear leg paralysis but we do know that she was dumped at a shelter by her owners as they no longer wanted to care for her disability. This doesnt slow her down one bit. She has a little pink cart that she speeds around in. Cookie is spayed, microchipped and fully vaccinated. If you would like to find out more please contact us orfill out the online application on the home pageor call 7604707643

"Gary" Chihuahua - Male
8 yrs old - 8 lbs

Gary came to Open Arms Rescue after a rescuer in Tijuana called us asking if we could help this little soul. He wound up at our vet in Mexico in critical condition. He was covered in lesions, injuries, infections and ticks, as well as having a badly broken foot. The vet didn't know if he would make it. Well a few months later and he is healthy and happy in a foster home in San Diego
The vet was able to mend all of his injuries and wound up removing hundreds of ticks from his tiny body. He had extensive surgery on his foot, including the insertion of pins. The pins have been removed and he is now ready for his forever home. He walks, jumps and runs normal.

"Bianca" Malti-poo - female
7 yrs old - 9 lbs

Bianca came to us in terrible condition. She was 4 lbs and a skeleton, with hardly any fur, you could see all of her ribs and bones. She is now 8 lbs. She had been kept by someone in Mexico and totally neglected. She was near death when a good Samaritan talked the owner into giving her up and then dropped her at a local vet in TJ. An Open Arms Rescue volunteer was down at this vet at the time and saw her in a cage there. She had been there only 2 days. The vet was very happy that we were able to take her into our rescue. We had her seen by our vet and she was diagnosed with some health conditions, but once we discovered this and put her on medication she filled out into a beautiful 9 lbs and all of her white/peach hair grew back in. She is just simply a sweetheart and beautiful now. She is very mellow, doesn't bark or wine at all and just want to be a lap dog. If you would like to find out more about Bianca please contact us.