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Wounded Kitten attacked by coyote.A good friend brought this little kitten to us it appears that it was attacked by a dog or coyote and amazingly escaped death! Has multiple puncture wounds and lacerations and damaged eye, risk of sepsis (infection) but is hanging in there. If you can please donate anything will help w/vet bill


"Chi puppy w/broken femur" We just got him today at the rescue and he is on his way to vet we need to raise funds for the surgery. This poor little boy was hit by a car and has a broken femur. vet can fit it but it will cost $$.



1 yr old Papillion/ Doxy mix
Dumped at a high kill shelter in LA by his owners with his leg broken and the flesh rotting off because they didnt take him to the vet. He was going to be put to sleep as he was becoming aggressive at shelter from so much pain. Now he is in our care and at the vet and he will get to keep his leg!



1 yr old Long Hair Chihuahua mix
Dumped at a high kill shelter in LA by his owners with his front 2 legs broken . But the owners wouldnt admit they were broken and just told shelter he was born that way. We rescued his and had X-rays done that showed the breaks in the 2 front legs were VERY RECENT and therefore could be repaired.