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"Princess" has a broken Leg, 10 month old puppy, previous ownersrelinquished her to usbecause her child dropped the puppy and broke it leg, and they couldn't afford a surgery, so we took her and got her surgery but have a big vet bill for her now, the xray shows all the pins we had put in her leg. She will have to have them for 2 months.

"Bubba" has CVT (Canine Venereal Tumor) this is a canine cancer that is common in stray dogs in Mexico. He is at our vet in TJ and will need chemotherapy treatments.


GaryThis poor little boy came into our rescue 2 days ago. I received a call from a rescuer in TJ asking if I could help this little soul. I had her take him right to our vet Saturday. So he is at the vet and in critical condition. He had many lesions, injuries, infection, ticks and a broken foot. The vet cleaned him up and did surgery on his foot and has put him on a lot of supportive therapy. He is in bad shape but hanging on. He needs prayers!!! I will go down to the vet in TJ tomorrow and see him for the first time. if you would like to donate for his care please click the donate button below...

Caleb was beaten and stabbed by a bum in Mexico needs help for vet care

Hernia dog from Orange County Shelter A1419170:

Bianca:Tiny Poodle neglected and rescued from Mexico:

She was severely neglected by her owner and then dumped at a vet in TJ. She is now in foster care in San Diego and we are trying to save her.


Momma was thrown out into the street by her owner with her puppies after being hit by car and left to die.

A good Samaritan found her and asked the owner and the owner admitted to all this but this is in Mexico so we cannot press any charges.

Momma is now at a vet in TJ waiting for us to get her to aspecialist to get a CT Scan to see if she has a slipped disk. She cannot use her back legs but shows no breaks on the xrays. Pups are safe in a foster home in San Diego. Please help us raise funds for her CT scan so we can help her.


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